Good Karma in NYC!

Shake Shack Madison Square Park-packed on a Sunday night

Tonight, a NYC deli dude gave me some milk for free.  So what you might say?  No, this is epic, I say.  I feel surrounded by good karma on this business trip.  I went in to the deli next to the Westin at 10 p.m. wanting nothing more than a little milk to go with the Trader’s Joe cookies I brought with me for my nighttime snack.  They had strawberry and chocolate milk but no white milk in sight.  Disappointed!  Asking the counter guy, he immediately got me a cup of milk and refused to take my money for it.  WOW.  I even had an amazing driver on my ride in from the airport and had a lively discussion with him about world soccer, regaling him with tales of seeing Messi score 5 goals in Camp Nou in Barcelona a few years ago.  He wanted me to meet his kids after that story and tell them since they are huge fans.  I was a rock star!

Being in Manhattan without Thom is strange but I’m forcing myself to get out and enjoy what could be my next to the last trip to my home away from home,  what with work budget cuts and all.   Walking down 3rd Avenue the first night here, it just felt like I belonged.  Families were out getting ice cream, the young crowd was just getting back from the beaches and pouring into the bars.  Shopping for snacks for training, the folks at the grocery were pleasant and talkative–yes, in NYC!  My second night I put on the miles and walked to Central Park, my center of beauty in the city, and people watched at Rockefeller Center too.  All my favorite haunts were experienced within 24 hours–Madison Square Park (dog park!), Bryant Park, Central Park, Rockefeller Center!  My FitBit was so happy with my walking performance but my feet… not so much!  Glad I brought band aids!

Central Park at dusk...beautiful
Central Park at dusk…beautiful

Tonight I went to City Winery, our most favorite music venue in lower Manhattan, to see Boise’s own Eilen Jewell enchant the crowd with her indie country tones and her oh so cool band.  I’m sure she is struggling to make ends meet but she had the audience eating out of her hand as she played her guitar and harmonica and sang her butt off.  I hope she makes it big soon if that is what she wants for her music career.   If you haven’t seen her in action, go.  Now.  She played the Tractor in Seattle last month and the crowd was far more lively, dancing and rowdy vs. the more sedate NYC crowd.  I’m looking forward to seeing her in her hometown once we get to settle there in the future.  Probably distant future but one can dream, right?  Living in our house in Boise vs. renting it to strangers would be super cool.

It’s off to sleep now as the three hour time change is kicking my butt seriously.  I look forward to another $1 bagel from my street cart tomorrow morning and $1 pizza for dinner.  Crabs galore! That’s healthy, isn’t it?  It’s surely budget friendly and tasty.  Three nights in a row I’ve had $1 pizza for my dinner… yum and super yum!  Good night all!

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