NYC Never Disappoints

While it’s good to be back home again in Seattle (at least for a few days), as I walk the silent, relatively clean streets, I ache for the hustle and bustle of the NYC action where, night or day, there is a whole lot of something, something going on.  Speaking of action, I had the good fortune to be in the city when the Asian Art Alliance was having their benefit.  Our friend, Andrea, runs this great organization so I was able to hang out with her hubbie and Thom’s best friend since kindergarten, Ronnie, and enjoy super talented artists doing their thing.  From a Broadway singer giving us a sneak peek at the new George Taikei musical coming this fall, Allegiance, to a beatbox artist and a singer from Thailand, it was such a lovely evening with some energetic dance moves from the master of ceremonies-queue the video: 

Going downtown to attend the event, I bravely hopped on the #1 subway and prayed it was going in the right direction.  Thank God–the numbers were decreasing so I was headed to south Manhattan as planned!  Confident as I exited on Hudson Street, I got the loveliest random compliment from a random dude as he walked into a Dunkin Donut–” You’ve got style!” he quipped as he checked out my new black dress anchored by my turquoise belt that I’ve had for years and still dearly love.  Why thank you Mr. Complete Stranger!  Way to make my day!

On to the Asian Art Alliance event….I do appreciate all artists as I have no musical talent whatsoever.  As I chatted with the beatboxing guy, complimenting him on his performance, I contemplated how brave and determined these performers must be to endure what has to be a hand-to-mouth struggle as they pursue their passion.  I’m too practical and scared to do anything like that, preferring a steady paycheck and benefits but I do envy them following their dream.  If I can encourage and thank them for sharing their music, I always try to and have had great conversations recently with everyone from a singer at a Vancouver benefit that was performing for the first time in public to Allen Stone at a company benefit.  What a joy they bring to us who are musically challenged!

Bryant Park does outdoor movies in the summer
Bryant Park does outdoor movies in the summer

Earlier in my NYC week, I envied the huge crowd queued up to watch an outdoor movie in Bryant Park with their blankets spread out hours in advance.  I wonder if the hotel would have minded me taking their nice white towel to the park??  Not as much fun without Thom but maybe next time.  I did finally have a Shake Shack hamburger–good but not quite worth the hype.  The Shake Shack in Madison Park always has a huge crowd and lines where you wait an hour or so.  Crazy!  There is one by my hotel near Grand Central with no line so I came home from the Asian Arts Alliance late and was starving so it was time to check it out.  Yum but our local Seattle joint Dick’s puts it to shame for half the price and quite frankly, much better taste.  Plus, Dick’s just makes me giggle every time Thom says, “Let’s go grab a bag of Dick’s”. What am I 12?

After a very busy week in Manhattan, I actually slept on the plane home which I rarely am able to do.  I arrived home to a gorgeous “cotton candy” sunset and a weekend spent catching up on life and cuddling with my puppies.  Thom is back home in Indiana supporting my Mom while my sister Becky is in Europe-lucky her!  Jealous with Europe envy, I finally booked our September vacation.  We are off on another adventure–AMSTERDAM HERE WE COME!

Home Sweet Home Seattle
Home Sweet Home Seattle

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