Make A Wish Princess Alexis!

Princess Alexis, a very brave five year old in a sparkly dress and waving her flower wand, ascended the red carpet with her prince and fairy godmother escorting her and her family into Cinerama today for the world premiere of the video that was her wish.  After watching a video that helped her during her personal struggle with leukemia, Alexis decided that she wanted to have her very own animated video of her journey with cancer to share with other children and help them too.  I can’t imagine a child under five years old deciding to use her one wish to help others vs. going to Disneyland, the most popular wish for children in this great program.  That’s amazing.  I am so inspired by her compassion and strength.

The hat is AMAZING!  This witch is ready to hit the red carpet and wave her wand.
The hat is AMAZING! This witch is ready to hit the red carpet and wave her wand.

Thom accompanied me to join the crowd to line the red carpet to welcome Alexis and support her as they showed her video at Cinerama today.  Everyone was encouraged to wear their best “fairy tale attire” so off to Goodwill I went and found the coolest HUGE black hat that, teamed up with my all black dress, boots and cape and paired with a glittery wand, created a first class “good” witch.  Alexis had on a princess outfit so it just seemed right to hand her my wand that went so well with her outfit as she walked by on the red carpet.  Later, the “prince” who was Roger Levesque, a retired Sounders player, was seen holding it and her flowers for her.  May I say that in tights and a cape, he made a mighty fine looking prince!   I hope Alexis enjoys playing dress up with her wand.  I’ll keep the hat just in case I need a quick costume for who knows what in the future.  You never know when a witch will be needed… no commentary, Thom.

Princess Alexis is the center of attention at her movie premiere.
Princess Alexis is the center of attention at her movie premiere.

I had never been to Paul Allen’s movie theater but from the chocolate popcorn (sounds gross but so yummy) to the cushy seats and sparkly ceiling lights, I was impressed and can’t wait to go back.  Cinerama donated the facility for the event today and World Famous studios volunteered their production staff to make the video, working with Alexis and her family to bring her ideas to life.  We got to see a video of how they made the video with everyone’s input.  Super team effort for such a worthy cause.  Check out her video at:

Alexis’s story reminds me that with the love and support of your family and friends, you can battle whatever challenges you may face in your life.  Thank you, Alexis.

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