Florence and Joe…what a week in Seattle!

Would it be easier just to work 12 hours a day and be a couch potato during a wet, gray typical fall week in Seattle?  Sure, but I FORCED myself to take advantage of all that Seattle has to offer even if it meant getting out of my comfort zone.  So, attending a concert all by myself while Thom watched the Mets was my first adventure this week.  Florence and her Machine were in town and my spirit felt like dancing so when a ticket became available on my company’s ticket exchange site, I snapped it right up.

Florence has THE best show with lots of twirling and energy.
Florence has THE best show with lots of twirling and energy.

Now, emailing the guy who was selling the ticket made it clear that he probably was stood up by his date for that night’s performance and he was still going.  AWKWARD.  Yep, when he arrived he was a middle-aged engineer in shorts with a major Florence crush going on-he’d seen her four times in concert.  But after chatting briefly about how totally awesome our seats were-7 rows from the stage and right by the aisle where she would later run down barefoot to greet her adoring fans, we settled in for some good music and enjoyed the concert. 

The opening act was John Lennon’s son, Sean, and his band which I didn’t find out until reading the concert review.  Not my cup of head-banging rock tea but the opening acts aren’t supposed to outshine the main artist so not much was expected.  By the time Florence came out to a packed Key Arena, the crowd was ready to stand and be heard.  We didn’t sit down once during the whole show and not once did I look at the time–true measure of a great concert.  Her new album tunes are wonderful as well as her hits from the past.

Ready to dance with Florence!
Ready to dance with Florence!

Barefoot and dancing all across the stage and around the arena, Florence flings that long red hair and posed ALOT in her white satin pants and vest.  At one point, during Dog Days of Summer, she took off her vest and encouraged everyone to “take it off” which the folks in front of me did just that, removing their shirts so that all I saw was naked flesh bouncing up and down.  Interesting.  I declined to undress and thank God the guy next to me didn’t either.  NO. THANK. YOU.  All in all, a fun and interesting way to spend a dreary Tuesday night for sure.

Florence greeted the front row with flowers.
Florence greeted the front row with flowers.

Later in the week, Thom and I took advantage of a company event on campus to meet Joe Klein, the famous NY journalist who wrote Primary Colors and just published a new book, Charlie Mike.  Joe has survived 11+ presidential elections and shared his opinions on the crazy Republicans–Rubio is most sane but doesn’t understand foreign policy and Bernie’s alliance with the teachers unions makes him suspicious.  He’s not a Bernie fan.

He believes the whole Trump-Carson unholy lead in the polls is due to the low information voters (duh!) who think that running for president is now a reality show.  I agreed with him that we are all waiting for the Republicans to wake up and smell the coffee and take this thing seriously with qualified candidates to run, not that I will be voting for them, but still.  Have some respect for yourselves and put up a serious candidate who isn’t crazy for shit’s sake.  #hillarywins

Joe embedded with troops both on the battlefield and then returning home to write his latest book.  He is passionate about expanding national service to bring the nation together and create high information voters who care about their communities more.  The returning veterans have been moving into public service when they return with success in not only saving others but themselves.  Can’t wait to read his book.

Joe Klein chats with Thom and signs his book for us.
Joe Klein chats with Thom and signs his book for us.

Interestingly, when Thom boarded his flight Friday to return to his beloved NYC to watch the Mets in the World Series, he was surprised to find Joe sitting directly behind him.  I guess even famous journalists ride in Coach when they are on book tours.  They chatted about the Mets, what else?

So, work went on and the rain fell but I had a fun week in Seattle!  Looking forward to this week’s date night at a special event at the Seattle Art Museum to view the new Impressionist collection and party down among great works of art.

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