Happy Holiday Travel at SEATAC #becalm

Walking in a winter wonderland…classic holiday image unless that walk is through SEATAC the Saturday before Christmas with my hubby clashing with the hordes of travelers.  AARGH!!!

Santa mobile cart with Mrs. Claus and elf sidekicks at SEATAC
Santa mobile cart with Mrs. Claus and elf sidekicks at SEATAC

So, the trip began with the crush of travelers checking their bags and, though we were only a few deep at the “special” desk that my company employees get to enjoy with a certain airline (great perk), it seemed to be taking FOREVER.  While I prayed for patience, Thom seethed.  In our short line, many folks jumped onboard only to be told sternly that, if they didn’t have company badges, they needed to get the hell out of our line and instead hop on and enjoy the long lines snaking back/forth/back/forth with the general public.

Fast track here we come!  But, NO, it was not meant to be.  Was that a certain entitled company employee jumping to the front of our line because he was running late???  WTF!  As Thom started to get red in the face and call this guy out for his rude behavior, I gave my hubby the stink eye and warned him that I would kill him if he spoke.  Happy Holidays!

So, that went over well and after a heated whispered conversation, he agreed to take the high road and not tackle the guy.  So generous of him!  After all, it’s possible I could run into this rude dude in the boardroom at work and my husband cussing him out could make for an awkward situation.  That didn’t stop Thom, of course, from commiserating with the guy in front of us who was also shushed by his wife before he attacked the guy.  With his family in tow, his wife had asked him to not engage as a lesson to the kids.  Wives united to keep the peace during holiday travel!

Retro flight attendant fashion at SEATAC
Retro flight attendant fashion at SEATAC

Thankfully I did breeze through security even though they had disengaged the TSA Pre-check line.  Of course, Thom got stopped to take out his laptop and gave some attitude to a stern TSA gal–he’s lucky he didn’t get “probed” more deeply but he made it through after a quick exam of his technology.  Notice, they didn’t detain me–karma!

Then, it was off to shop at the stores.  I love the Plane Fashion store that features old school flight attendant hats, pillow covers with airport call letters and such.  They also have a cool vinyl store at SEATAC-it’s definitely a trending thing here in Seattle.   After looking at the stores in our neighborhood last night for antlers for a planned reindeer-inspired Mia party this weekend, I was still looking when I finally found them at the Fireworks boutique at the airport.  AND they play music and have bells-SCORE!  Mia loved them: 

The shops and Starbucks teams were working hard at SEATAC with their smiles on to calm the weary travelers.  Best moment was when a guy racing around on an electric wheel dressed as a travelling customer service desk took the time to race around a column for at least 15 minutes with a toddler running after him-great way to wear out a toddler!  Needless to say the mom gave the guy a hug for his child-friendly attention.

Grateful  mother to airport rolling holiday info desk dude
Grateful mother to airport rolling holiday info desk dude

Then, Santa, Mrs. Claus and his elf whizzed by in a cart to offer a knee and an ear to hear Christmas wishes on the go.  Nice job, SEATAC, in providing holiday cheer for the hordes.  I also saw a dancing gingerbread man and a happy Rudolph making friends with the crowds.  If you are out there this week trying to get to your families, keep smiling and take the high road when faced with travel drama.  Remember, you need those good karma points to avoid coal in your stockings on Christmas!  Happy holidays to all and to all a good night!



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