Here’s to 2016-expect nothing and appreciate everything!

2013 Times Square-2014 Shanghai-2015 Seattle-2016 Boise…it was never my intent to celebrate New Year’s Eve in different cities/countries but that’s just how my life rolled and I enjoyed every second of it.  So what’s ahead in 2016?  No idea but I’m excited to find out.  Reflecting today on 2015, I am so thankful for all the experiences I’ve been so blessed to enjoy.  Life is truly wonderful and amazing in so many ways.

Cheers! Here's to 2016!
Cheers! Here’s to 2016!

2015 for us was all about transition and travel.  We moved back from China in late 2014 and settled into our new place in lower Queen Anne.  Oh, how I love that water view and our urban neighborhood.  Being able to walk everywhere you need to be is liberating and so healthy if you don’t count being a convenient block away from the greasy bliss that is Dick’s.  Having decorated our apartment last year to make it cozy, we can now enjoy entertaining more in 2016.  Bring on the cocktail cart and amazing sunsets!  Having James move back in with us while he attends Seattle U. Law is an added bonus as well.  I appreciate being closer to family but we do miss living in China so much-a unique adventure I will never forget.

Last year was also a travelling time with my old job taking me to exotic locations like Detroit in February, San Antonio during the torrential rain storms, Durham, Orlando in the brutal summer heat, Vancouver and NYC-my favorite that never disappoints.  I may not travel with my new job for awhile but then it will become a global odyssey.  Cannot wait.  Oh the places we will go!

Amsterdam/Bruges/The Hague dazzled us on our autumn trip and was a highlight for sure and just as charming as I thought it would be.  We definitely need to explore more of Europe SOON.  Nothing beats a family vacation, though, and we got to all be together on the lovely Big Island as Baby Mia was learning to walk while on the beaches in Hawaii!  That was priceless and appreciated so much.  That Mia makes me smile.

Zip lining on Big Island with the kids was a joy!
Zip lining on Big Island with the kids was a joy!
Enjoying the dive diner experience with Patti & Larry in Vancouver


Flying through the trees and across the valleys in Hawaii on the zip line with the kids was breathtaking.  Travelling with friends is also fun so when Patti and Larry drove across America on their road trip, we joined them to enjoy an Amtrak trip up to Vancouver where we took walking tours and found the best dive restaurant in town, serving milk shakes AND martinis right next to the triple XXX shop.  Yummy and crazy at the same time!

I was lucky enough to enjoy lots of great musical moments in 2015 and got to experience the great artistic stylings of Glen Hansard, Florence & The Machine, Allen Stone x2, Eilen Jewell, Griffin House, Elvis Costello, Katy Perry, Maroon 5, Kelly Clarkson, Dave Brumbeck plus interesting talks by David Sedaris, John Oliver, Jesse Eisenberg, David Axelrod, Ira Glass and Joe Klein.  Such smart and talented people!  Looking forward to seeing Lewis Black soon in Seattle.  He always brings me to tears of laughter with his passionate rants.  Need to seek out some women speakers this year.  Here’s to diversity and hoping Hillary comes to town!  Best concert of 2015-Glen Hansard with Allen Stone as a close second.  I would go see them anytime, anywhere.  GO SEE THEM!

Allen Stone and I hanging out at his private concert for my company. Cool dude!
Allen Stone and I hanging out at his private concert for my company. Cool dude!

We also got to go to many Seattle Storm basketball games at nearby Key Arena and see Jewell Lloyd win Rookie of the Year. It was a rebuilding year so they should win more in 2016.  The Sounders were inconsistently frustrating but always a fun game to go to with awesome fan support.  Throw in a few Mariners games and the Seattle Reign too and we have begun to truly immerse ourselves in the Seattle sports scene.  Of course, Thom and Mike got to see their beloved Mets play in NYC in the World Series.  Epic moment for those two-here’s hoping the Mets come back swinging again this year so I don’t have to listen to Thom cry and whine.

2015 WTF Moments

Trump-if by some horrible chance he wins, we would have to leave.  Are you with me?  Belize perhaps?  That he is even in the race, let alone leading, is embarrassing for the U.S.

Guns & Violence-something must be done.  Hopefully Obama will look at his Fu*&it List and take action.  I’m looking forward to seeing Hannah make a difference with her work for Moms Demand Action, an organization funded by Bloomberg.  People, we need to take a stand and say NO MORE.

My shoulder froze and my local gym closed so health and fitness were challenging for me this year.  Frozen shoulder, mainly affecting women of a “certain age”, made moving painful and awkward but it’s getting better now with the aid of my masseuse’s cruel and painful sessions and it certainly could have been worse.  Going to try out a new gym next week and start the new year off right.  Hoping 2016 is a healthy one for all of us.

2016 Highlights to look forward to

Have fun in 2016 and be silly at least once a day!
Have fun in 2016 and be silly at least once a day!

*watching Mia turn 2-she grows more enchanting and smart every day.  Definitely want to spend more time in Boise if we can carve out some time in between renters of our cute cottage there.  It’s popular!

*publishing a book on our adventures in China-Thom will explore consulting opportunities around our expat experiences as well and we even have our own YouTube Channel now to bring the book to life:

*discovering Dublin and seeing Glen Hansard sing in his natural environment and a NYC trip to see old friends and old haunts once it warms up some and the Mets are playing again.

*back home again to Indiana to see Mom, Sis and corn waving in the fields.  Once Hoosier, always a Hoosier!

*an art-filled year.  We just became Seattle Art Museum members so our weekly dates will probably be including art as well as going to their incredible Remix events.  If you live in Seattle, check out these after hour events with music.  Fun.

*learning a new job-again but trying for better work/life balance.  Finally!

Here’s to 2016 and savoring the wonder of each and every day.  Expect nothing & appreciate everything.

Home Sweet Home Seattle
Home Sweet Home Seattle




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