The wait is over..cherry liqueur is ready!

Was it worth the two week wait?  You betcha!  After the initial pitting of 6 cups of cherries and addition of vodka and brandy, the first week we took turns shaking the homemade hooch every day so the fruit and booze could comingle.  Done.  Next, I added to the concoction a simple syrup I cooked up and it was time to let the liqueur sit and just be for another week.  Done.A__130D (2) (2)

Now, it’s drinking time!  I filtered the whole shebang through a cheesecloth-lined strainer, squeezing out the booze-infused cherries into a smooth fruity stress-reducing taste of heaven.  Sweet and strong by itself or in the “I’m with Her” cocktail I created to carry me through the election, it is DELICIOUS.  Just shake with ice 1 part cherry liqueur, 1 part vodka and 4 parts OJ.  Top with a cherry and let the sipping begin!  Here’s to summer in Seattle and a Hillary win in the fall.  Cheers!


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