Signs as Seen in Seattle

I love Seattle.  Living downtown we get to wander and see the silly signs that people and businesses post to encourage us to shop and laugh.  I try to imagine living in suburbia again, walking by carefully manicured lawns on the clean sidewalks and shopping the ubiquitous strip malls amid big box retailers.  No.  Thank.  You.

Block by block, the streets of Seattle always present a new view, interesting people watching and signs galore.  Here are my favorites from today’s walk:

WP_20160618_14_34_21_Rich (2)
They had me at whiskey French toast but won’t turn down a $5 mimosa!
WP_20160618_14_48_43_Rich (2)
Interesting twist on drinking with a fitness angle.
WP_20160618_14_44_29_Rich (2)
I couldn’t agree more-my hat choices are picked with careful consideration to mood.
WP_20160618_14_33_33_Rich (2)
Not often you get voters passionately advocating for a murderer over the alternatives.

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