I. Miss. Thom.

Being married to your best friend is a wonderful thing.  The only problem with that is when your partner is gone, your soul feels incomplete.  Days are an empty vacuum without your sidekick accompanying you to take on life’s adventures.  Damn I’m lonely.  I.  Miss. Thom.

He’s been in Boise now for several weeks working on much-needed home renovations to a house we own.  While we did just hire someone to do the heavy lifting, Thom is doing much of the work himself.  It will be awesome when it’s done but, for now, we must live apart.  I am just finishing up working a second assignment at work in addition to my day job so my life in Seattle has been super busy no doubt.  Yet, when I started feeling sick this week I immediately started to panic.  Who will take care of me?  James is still living at home and has been a huge help with the daily walking of dogs but he can only do so much.  I need my Thom.

Drinking my morning coffee, going to the gym, watching endless political news, eating, shopping, cuddling with the pups-it all seems blah without Thom.  Married for 28 years, some couples by now would have formed tight friendships with others of their own gender and not rely on their partner so much but Thom and I are so happy with just being with each other that we haven’t really felt a need for that extended group of friends.  Quite frankly, we would really just prefer to be with each other.  I appreciate and like other people don’t get me wrong but Thom is just the funniest, smartest, kindest person I’ve ever met and I enjoy his company so much.  He’s hilarious and makes me laugh every day of my life.  Now, he gets to crack up Mia too!

Mia and her GiGi taking a walk in Boise before getting ice cream.


And it’s not enough that Thom isn’t here and I’m lonely but I’m also terrifically jealous that he gets to be in Boise with our family, babysitting Mia when he’s not working on the house.  Yes, my daughter will miss her daddy and Mia will miss her GiGi when he has to leave and come back to me.  Oh, if we could just live in Boise full time!  Dream. Unfortunately the jobs there just don’t compare to Seattle and supporting my family means that this NaiNai needs to stay the course.   I will look forward to the holidays spent with the entire clan in Boise and many wonderful memories to be made.


Thom’s scary costume for Trunk and Treat event in Boise where people decorate their car trunks and kids go around the parking lot to Trick or Treat.  Must be a Boise thing.


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