Styled by Hannah

I was lucky enough to spend time with my family this week in South Bend, Indiana.  Clean air and blue skies!  Even better, my gorgeous daughter Hannah and Baby Mia accompanied me to spend quality time with my sister, Mom and best friend Patti.  What a great time we had!

My beautiful daughter and stylist Hannah
My beautiful daughter and stylist Hannah

When it proved to be too hot for a Zoo visit on Saturday, we hit the mall instead.  Yes, it cost me more than the Zoo but we so rarely get quality shopping time together so Hannah took advantage of the opportunity to style an outfit for me. I also had to procure a statement necklace for her so that she would give me back the one she is wearing in the picture–I love it and just am not willing to give it to her–yet!  No worries- we found a beautiful substitute at the mall.

It was fun visiting the University Park Mall where I worked as the Assistant Store Manager many, many years ago at L.S.Ayres when Hannah was only 2 and James was a baby.  That’s a story for another time but, desperate to leave my job that I held while pregnant with James, I interviewed for my new job that would take me to the UP Mall only 7 days after giving birth.  Several week later, we loaded up the car and moved to South Bend, Indiana.  We were, and are, truly crazy but enough reminiscing and back to my new outfit.

After finding Baby Mia the perfect dress to accompany her parents to a friend’s wedding in Coeur d’Alene next week, we had some time to shop for ourselves and we made the most of it.  Finding fashion bargains is truly one of Hannah’s skills.  She can go to a thrift store and come out with a stunning outfit originally from Anthro for less than $20 and looking spectacular.

I love the quality of Banana Republic and know what size I wear without needing to try anything on-a time saver!  Hannah combined the trendy polka dot cotton shirt with basic chinos from there but made it POP with the new statement necklace and my zebra belt.  My new nerd glasses from Warby Parker, bought on our last NYC trip, give the hipster edge to the look while the Cole Haan wedges, which are actually comfy to walk in, give me a needed lift since I am severely height challenged.   Thank you, Hannah darling, for making your Momma look stylish for her meetings! Watch out Hotlanta-here I come!

Styled by Hannah
Styled by Hannah


Warby Parker Fillmore Glasses:

Francesca’s statement necklace and earrings:

Banana Republic polka dot shirt, zebra belt and chinos:

Cole Haan wedges-picked up at Nordstrom Rack (my fav!) two years ago in Atlanta–classic and comfy!




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