Fortune Telling at Temple Street Night Market

Temple Street Night Market in Kowloon is known for fake everything and fortune tellers.  Since I have already got all the fake stuff I could ever want from the excellent markets in Beijing and Shanghai, we wandered through the stalls very quickly.  The “Don’t Fart In the Room” and other tacky crap held no appeal for any of us so we just kept on walking.  Crossing over into the dark backstreets behind the market, the fortune tellers were lined up touting their services.  English speaker?  No problem.

Fortune Tellers lined up in Kowloon
Fortune Tellers lined up in Kowloon

There had to be 20 or so fortune tellers lined up with outdoor singing booths across the aisle providing boisterous ambience.  We walked by the gents and ladies initially with Thom scoffing at their trade but I decided to do the “when in Rome” thing and picked the gal who looked the most professional.  After settling on a 150HK$ palm reading, I literally put myself in her hands, squatted on my plastic stool and let her have a go at it.

Fearless and Lucky I am according to my FT
Fearless and Lucky I am according to my FT

The left hand, she told me, represents my life under age 30 and the right hand over 30.  Immediately she showed me my health line which is the arcing prominent line nearest my thumb.  Very healthy indeed!  Check and check!  She knew that I am a great adventurer (probably because I’m sitting in a dark alley in Kowloon!) and will  fearlessly try anything.  I have a good human nature but can tell the bad guys from the good guys, which is always a valuable trait. No fooling this lady!  My lucky line was strong for both hands.  Maybe I can fit in a quick gambling trip to Macau after all??

She continued seriously with very wise advice that could apply to all males–my man is not perfect so ease up on him.  Really?  Also, he doesn’t have a clue what to buy me for presents so just tell him and everyone will be happier.  Hallelujah, sister!  She kept repeating that there had only been two significant men in my life, which would be Thom, of course, and my first husband who died at 23.  My FT (fortune teller) was impressed with my long life line–they do live long in my family but saw some troubling smaller lines indicating that I need to let things go and be happy more.  Ain’t that the truth!  That must have been the Perfectionist, People Pleaser and Overachiever lines etched deeply into my palms.  She could tell I was very successful in all that I do (I wish!) but helped other people be successful too.  I try!  Final parting advice-she warned me not to lend money to others because I would never get it back.  Duh!  Bank of Melinda is now closed.

So many lines, so many details of life in the hands
So many lines, so many details of life in the hands

Overall, my under 30 hand lines are much less pronounced than my over 30 hand.  This confirms what I already knew–that I am seizing the day with my over 30 life and enjoying great adventures with Thom while we can!  So today we are off to the Big Buddha to pray for contentment and lucky lottery numbers so that we can continue to keep experiencing these awesome travel moments.  Big Buddha, brace yourself!  The Georges are Coming!

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